2 Entree Combination Takeout  $8.25

Choose Any 2 Entrees from Item No.1 through 15
(served with Rice and Fresh Salad)

1. Sweet Egg Roll
  (Dashi Bouillon, sugar, egg)

2. Fried Tofu
(crispy fried tofu w/ Dashi Bouillon soy sauce)
3. Nishime
(Daikon, carrot, bamboo shoot, and shiitake mushroom w/ Dashi Bouillon Soup)

4. Eggplant in Dashi
(fried eggplant w/ Dashi Bouillon soy sauce and fresh grazed ginger)

 5. Tofu-Burger
(Tofu, carrot, shiitake mushroom w/Dashi Bouillon soy sauce)

6. Sukiyaki
(Tofu, onion, beef, sweet soy sauce)

7. Baked Salmon (Sushi Grade)
(w/ soy sauce and sweet mirin)
Extra $1.00

8. Nanban Chicken
(fried garlic chicken served with Homemade spicy or mild tartar sauce)


 9. Butter Shoyu White Fish
(White fish, zucchini, onion,and butter-soy sauce)
Extra $1.00
10. Beef Hamburger Steak with Demi Sauce (Beef Based Bouillon)
11. Ginger Pork
(pork with soy-ginger sauce)

12. Deep-Fried Shrimp     
(comes with homemade tartar sauce)  Extra $1.00 

13. Deep-Fried Pollack
(comes with homemade tartar sauce)

14. Teriyaki Chicken
(chicken with sweet soy sauce)
15. Broccoli with Crab Mayonnaise (Broccoli with imitation crab, sesame paste and mayonnaise)

2, 4 & 5 Vegetarian Bouillon Available

Kids Meal   $6.25
(6 yrs and under with adult order)
Any one Entree from above served with Rice, Fresh Salad and Snapple

Cheffs Special
served with Appetizer,
Fresh Salad, Miso Soup, Rice and Green Tea

Tonkatsu  (1/2 lbs. Premium American
Bershire Pork Cutlet)               $17.75

Miso Butter Fish (Marinated Black Cod
with Japanese Sake Lees)           $18.75
Red Snapper Piccata Style with Ponzu Sauce 

Udon, Curry and Bowl

Beef Udon                    $8.75
Karaage (Entree #8) Udon  $8.95


 Curry Udon                   $8.75 
Vegetable Udon aaaaaaa$8.75

 Beef Curry                             $8.00

Nanban (Entree #8) Curry    $8.75

Shrimp (Entree #12) Curry  $9.25 

Tonkatsu Curry                $12.95

Sukiyaki (Entree #6) Don (Bowl)
(Sukiyaki on Rice)
Unagi Don (Bowl)
(Broiled Eel on Rice)           $13.50

A La Carte

Gyoza (Pot Stickers)   $5.25
With Large Asahi $9.99
Garlic Edamame $5.25
With Large Asahi $9.99

Chicken Hearts on Skewer with Teriyaki Ginger Sauce    $5.25
With Large Asahi $9.99

Calamari Tempura with Tartar Soy Sauce
Soft Shell Crab with Ponzu Sauce  $7.25

Pan-fried Beef Tongue (with Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper and Green Onion)   $7.75
Croquette from $2.25
Ask for today's croquette

*Prices are subject to change without notice.