2 Entree Combination Dinner  $14.25

Choose Any 2 Entrees from Item No.1 through 15
(served with Appetizer, Fresh Salad, Miso Soup ,Rice and Green Tea)

1. Sweet Egg Roll
  (Dashi Bouillon, sugar, egg)

2. Fried Tofu
(crispy fried tofu w/ Dashi Bouillon soy sauce)
3. Nishime
(Daikon, carrot, bamboo shoot, and shiitake mushroom w/ Dashi Bouillon Soup)
4. Eggplant in Dashi
(fried eggplant w/ Dashi Bouillon soy sauce and fresh grazed ginger)

 5. Tofu-Burger
(Tofu, carrot, shiitake mushroom w/Dashi Bouillon soy sauce)

6. Sukiyaki
(Tofu, onion, beef, sweet soy sauce)

7. Baked Salmon (Sushi Grade)
(w/ soy sauce and sweet mirin)
Extra $1.00

8. Nanban Chicken
(fried garlic chicken served with Homemade spicy or mild tartar sauce)


 9. Butter Shoyu White Fish
(White fish, zucchini, onion,and butter-soy sauce)
Extra $1.00
10. Beef Hamburger Steak with Demi Sauce (Beef Based Bouillon)
11. Ginger Pork
(pork with soy-ginger sauce)

12. Deep-Fried Shrimp     
(comes with homemade tartar sauce)  Extra $1.00

13. Deep-Fried Pollack
(comes with homemade tartar sauce)

14. Teriyaki Chicken
(chicken with sweet soy sauce)
15. Broccoli with Crab Mayonnaise (Broccoli with imitation crab, sesame paste and mayonnaise)

2, 4 & 5 Vegetarian Bouillon Available

Kids Meal   $8.25
(6 yrs and under with adult order)
Any one Entree from above served with Appetizer,
Fresh Salad, Miso Soup, Rice and Snapple

Cheffs Special
served with Appetizer,
Fresh Salad, Miso Soup, Rice and Green Tea

Tonkatsu  (1/2 lbs. Premium American
Bershire Pork Cutlet)               $17.75

Miso Butter Fish (Marinated Black Cod
with Japanese Sake Lees)           $18.75
Red Snapper Piccata Style with Ponzu Sauce
Beef Udon                    $14.25
Karaage (Entree #8) Udon  $14.25


 Curry Udon                   $14.25
Vegetable Udon aaaaaaaa$14.25

 Beef Curry                              $13.25

Nanban (Entree #8) Curry    bbbb$14.25

Shrimp (Entree #12) Curry babb $14.75 

Tonkatsu Curry        bbbbbbbb        $18.50

Sukiyaki (Entree #6) Don (Bowl)
(Sukiyaki on Rice)
Unagi Don (Bowl)
(Broiled Eel on Rice)           $17.50

A La Carte

Gyoza (Pot Stickers)   $5.25
With Large Asahi $9.99

Garlic Edamame $5.25
With Large Asahi $9.99

Chicken Hearts on Skewer with Teriyaki Ginger Sauce    $5.25
With Large Asahi $9.99

Calamari Tempura with Tartar Soy Sauce
Soft Shell Crab with Ponzu Sauce

Pan-fried Beef Tongue (with Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper and Green Onion)   $7.75
Croquette from $2.25
Ask for Today's Croquette

*Prices are subject to change without notice.